Client Testimonals

We have worked with Umar Mycka over the past three years, since I developed a severe allergy to poison ivy. Not only did he rid our entire property of the poison ivy, he also explained how new poison ivy grows in the early spring. We are now on an annual contract for him to “nip it in the bud” and I have not had another allergic episode. Mr. Mycka is a master in his field.

Amy Eisen

- Wynnewood, PA

Umar takes a very different approach to removing poison ivy. He takes great care in his work, and really respects the earth and the surrounding vegetation as he traces the poison ivy to its “heart root”, and removes it. There is no spraying of any chemicals, it’s just Umar, his tools, and the vegetation. There is respect for the earth and gentleness with other “neutral” plants.

J. C.

- Connecticut

I had a terrible rash on my face and body and was really suffering. Umar surveyed our immediate property as well as the surrounding areas where I often take walks and found that there were very old poison ivy bushes along a creek near our home. I would have thought that these were ‘trees’ (not poison ivy)! I now know what to avoid in my area.  

Terry Sokoloff


Mr. Mycka is a consummate professional. His inspection of my property was patient and thorough. All identified plants were removed and bagged to insure that no one would come in contact with the venomous plants. It’s wonderful to be able to walk barefoot in my yard and to garden without fear of the dreaded poison ivy oil! Thank you.    


- New York

My poor, highly allergic husband spent several miserable summers on steroids combating his poison ivy while I tried in vain to de ivy our property. When Umar and his team pulled 34 plants that were each over 15 years old from our yard and from the neighboring properties, I understood just how futile and laughable our years of inexpert efforts had been.

Nancy W

- Haverford, PA

After 3 cases of poison ivy already this summer, I was desperate to get rid of it from our yard. In the past few years it has gotten completely out of control. Mr. Mycka took the time to walk the property with us and discussed various strategies for different areas, particularly around the pond and organic garden. We’re very satisfied customers.

Sally and Michael Green

- Chester County, PA